At CYB Film Services we have been offering a specialist BAFTA campaign distribution since 1996.

CYB are fully aware of the fast and accurate services required to fulfil a BAFTA campaign, and indeed, most of the members are familiar with us and know who to call for assistance with deliveries etc.

CYB are an official membership list holder, having duly signed the BAFTA confidentiality agreement and are approved suppliers.

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We are more than used to a fast turnaround for all mailings, sending either Royal Mail 1st Class or Tracked. We focus on the packaging and distribution of the material, ensuring on-time deliveries.

Our experienced and confidential staff at CYB have an excellent understanding of the demands from BAFTA as far as the urgencies, anti-piracy measures and privacy of the lists are concerned.

At CYB the months of November and December are purely dedicated to BAFTA, ensuring that we meet the demands of each individual client.

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BAFTA Campaign distribution since 1996

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